Hot Tip to Help You Become a Better Storyteller

Every dream has a story. Like good movies, every night our dreams offer us ‘drama therapy’ by conveying powerful stories that serve as transformative experiences of change and renewal.

To hone your storytelling abilities, write a simple story line for each dream by answering the following questions:

1. What is your dream about in one sentence?

2. What is the tone or theme of your dream-story?

3. What is the core message in your dream?

4. What emotional feeling are you left with at the end?

You will notice that some of the best CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales executives, artists, producers, and writers are exceptional storytellers. By getting into the habit of journaling your dreams everyday and writing a simple story line, you will naturally become a better storyteller.

If you would like more information on how better to recall, interpret, and understand your dreams, you can visit my latest blog post on Dreamwork by clicking the following link:

P.S. Peter Guber, one of Hollywood’s most accomplished producers, has written an in-depth article on storytelling in the Harvard Business Review. To read an abstract from his article, visit:

To your storytelling success,

Sharif Khan
Freelance Writer, Book Consultant, Speaker
Author of “Psychology of the Hero Soul”
(As mentioned in Reader’s Digest and USA Today)


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